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Year 3

Miss Bernardes

It’s been so lovely to meet everyone at Highwood! I am Miss Bernardes and I am so happy to be working here. I worked in Year 3 for many years before moving to Year 2 – and now I get to be back in Year 3! Don’t tell anyone but it’s secretly my favourite year group! My favourite part about being a teacher is that I get to learn new things every day alongside the children I teach. I think it’s really important that, no matter how old you are, you keep learning and challenging yourself in different ways – I even went back to school to do my Masters in Education last year.

Outside of school I am often adventuring to new places or (badly) doing D.I.Y jobs to my house. I have also been learning Spanish using an app on my phone and am determined to do a little bit of practise every single day!

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Miss Rumbold

Hello everyone! I'm Miss Rumbold and I am so excited to be a part of Highwood. My favourite part of teaching is watching the 'lightbulb' moment that children experience when they grasp a piece of knowledge they may have been struggling to understand and then usually the big smile on their face! 

Outside of teaching, I love relaxing in anyway I can! Such as reading a good book or watching a film. I absolutely am engrossed in anything history related and love learning about the past. I also love meeting up with my friends and also spending time with my dog, Rolo by going on long walks.

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