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Year 3

Mrs Hartgrove

Hello. I’m Mrs Hartgrove and I love being a teacher at Highwood. I enjoy watching the children’s enthusiasm to learn everything they can about our key questions and sharing lots of wonderful books. Outside of school I enjoy running and you can often spot me at parkrun. One of my other passions is trekking which has included visiting Mongolia and walking the length of New Zeleand, although this looks a little different now with a young child. 

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Dr Read

I have spent many years learning and one of my favourite expressions is that education is life-long. Whilst I was working on my doctorate, I was able to work with some fantastic children at lots of schools and I am so excited to be able to continue that journey at Highwood. I love sports, especially karate and taekwondo, and have taught karate to children for many years. I also love music and have played the guitar since I was at primary school.

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Miss Rumbold

Hello everyone! I'm Miss Rumbold and I am so excited to be a part of Highwood. My favourite part of teaching is watching the 'lightbulb' moment that children experience when they grasp a piece of knowledge they may have been struggling to understand and then usually the big smile on their face! 

Outside of teaching, I love relaxing in anyway I can! Such as reading a good book or watching a film. I absolutely am engrossed in anything history related and love learning about the past. I also love meeting up with my friends and also spending time with my dog, Rolo by going on long walks.

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