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Our vision is to develop Highwood children into Authors:

We develop children who are CREATIVE with their use of language.

We create REFLECTIVE children who think carefully about the audience and purpose of their writing.

We develop children as INDEPENDENT writers who develop their own creative flair. 

We create children who understand that PERSEVERANCE is key to becoming an author.


At Highwood, Phonics is taught using the Letters and Sounds phonics programme.

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Our Reading and Writing Overview has been strategically planned to support our 3D Curriculum.  Below is an example of how our English curriculum and reading spine link to our key questions and how our approach to writing and whole class reading fully immerses children in the curriculum content. 

We also want to develop children's love for reading, so we have invested in additional texts linked to the Year group areas as well as other books written by the same authors of our WCR texts.

This overview is available for all year groups in our Reading and Writing Overview document below.